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Calgary Reggae Festival Live Music Event

About The Calgary Reggae Festival Society

How It All Started:

In October of 2003, six Calgarians came together with the same vision – to increase the awareness of Reggae Music in Western Canada and to provide an avenue where this music can be heard. The Calgary Reggae Festival Society (CRFS) was formed. CRFS is set on a mission to promote local, regional and national awareness of Reggae Music in Canada.

Our mission

As a Society (Calgary Reggae Festival Society), we are committed to the promotion of local, regional and national awareness of Reggae Music in Canada.

Calgary Reggae Festival Logo
Our Board:
A passionate foundation: 

Our six Founding Members have a very strong connection to Reggae music and event planning. The experiences of this group were far-reaching – from Reggae music DJ’s, broadcasters, promoters and musicians to experienced event planners. This team endeavoured to educate the general public about the conscious, unifying power of Reggae music.

Our 2023-2024 Board:

  • Tara Andrews

  • Saskia Aukes

  • Leo Cripps

  • Jory Kinjo

  • Vincent Vaughan

Our Founding Members

  • Leo Cripps

  • Ibo

  • Cindy Nield

  • Ludlow Rodney

  • Vincent Vaughan

  • Michael B Wallace

Connect with us

We would love to hear from you, whether you are an artist, organization, community member wanting to get involved or you have a creative collaboration, we would love to connect. 


Our Objectives: 

  • To promote cultural awareness and advancement of Reggae Music in Canada.

  • To promote the historical significance and influence of Reggae Music on other music genres.

  • To produce an annual festival showcasing Reggae Music and Culture.

  • To encourage youth involvement in the development of Reggae Music.

2016: The Calgary Reggae Festival Society / ReggaeFest WINS the Community Service Award at the Obsidian Awards 2016.

2010: The Calgary Reggae Festival Society WINS at the 2010 Reggae Music Achievement Awards for Best Concert Promoter! The award ceremony took place on June 12, 2010 in Toronto,

Significant moments: 

Learn to Reggae!

Do you and your group want to learn more about Reggae Music and Culture?
ReggaeFest presents Reggae Lunch’n’Learn, a 30-45 minute presentation sharing the history and evolution of Reggae.
Please contact us at to book one of the following interactive lectures for your group.
Topic Choices:

  • What is Reggae?

  • Evolution of Reggae: From Mento to Dancehall

  • How Do You Get Your Reggae? Reggae’s Influence on Other Music Genres

  • Canadian Reggae, YES! We Do Have Reggae

  • How’s Your Riddim? – The Reggae Beat Explained

  • Do You Know Your Reggae?

  • Rasta and Reggae

  • Reggae and Jamaica – Together or Apart?

Cost: Donation to Calgary Reggae Festival Society

Calgary Live Reggae Music Event
Calgary Live Reggae Music Event
Calgary Live Reggae Music Event
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