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 It's a great day to Reggae!

You are in the right place if you are craving some great live music, want to experience Reggae music and enjoy Caribbean culture!

SUNNY Soul Jam:
our next live music event in Calgary:

Date: June 15, 2024

Jam: 3:00 pm – 9:30 pm, Gates: 2:00 pm

Location: ContainR Art Park, 1020 – 2 Avenue NW 

Family-friendly, all ages!

Performance + Event Details

Sunny Soul Jam Schedule
Sunny Soul Jam Calgary Live Music
Calgary Reggae Festival Live Music Event
Calgary Reggae Festival Live Music Event

Our sponsors + affiliates

The Calgary Reggae Festival Society is passionate about bringing a variety of events to our community and we cannot do it alone, which is why we are extremely grateful to our sponsors and affiliates for helping to make these events happen! 

About the Calgary Reggae Festival Society

We are committed to the promotion of local, regional and national awareness of Reggae Music and highlighting the values of Caribbean culture in Canada.


The year the Calgary Reggae Festival Society was formed! Our vision remains, to bring Calgarians together to increase the awareness of Reggae Music in Western Canada and to provide an avenue where this music can be heard. 


We have featured 100s of artists from across the globe. From new artists, well-known artists, to big bands and solo artists in all Reggae and complimentary musical backgrounds and styles.


We have used our platform and reputation to bring  15+ events to our community, from live music to art, feature films to  literary, all highlighting beauty in diversity in our community. 


We have been helping to introduce Calgarians to Caribbean Culture & Reggae Music and helping local musicians and artists have a platform to showcase their talent.

Join Us

We are strong because of our community.

We appreciate our volunteers and sponsors and appreciate the trust and dedication of the artists we work with and our dedicated board. 

If you would like to get involved, we would love to welcome you.

Calgary Reggae Festival Live Music Event

Get to know us: 


Calgary Live Reggae Music Event

Listen Online

SUNNY Soul Jam 2024 Playlist
Spotify Playlist

Riddim West 2019 Playlist

Spotify Playlist


Calgary Live Reggae Music Event

Our blog has it all

Check out some of our past events and notable press releases. 

Our blog


Calgary Live Reggae Music Event

Gallery + Videos

Check out some of our past events through the Gallery. 

Check out our SUNNY Soul Jam Playlist on YouTube

What attendees have said: 

“Reggae Fest was awesome!’

– Audience Member


‘Thank you also for the work you put into the Reggaefest–I’ve been going for 5 years now and it’s a highlight of my summer!’

– Audience Member and Raffle Winner


‘The festival was fantastic!!’

– Audience Member


‘Thank you Calgary!’

– Friendlyness and the Human Rights


– Audience Member


‘What a Great Festival!!!’

– Audience Member


‘Hey I Loved Calgary Reggae Fest this Year. Thank you so much for this year!!!!’ – Audience Member


‘Thanks for all of your fantastic work, this year was better than ever!’

– CJSW Radio

“Shout out to Calgary it was definitely a pleasure!” New Kingston, performer


“Thanks to you for a very well organized festival. I heard nothing but praise from musicians who consider this a favourite.” Volunteer


“Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer for a well run and fun Reggaefest!! I hope to be participating next year!” Volunteer

We're open to new ideas:

If you have an event that you think we can help you with or aligns with our goals, please get in touch we are always looking to connect with more of our community and other organizations.

Connect with us

We would love to hear from you, whether you are an artist, organization, community member wanting to get involved or you have a creative collaboration, we would love to connect. 


Calgary Reggae Festival Society

Chinook RPO, PO Box 30244

Calgary, Alberta T2H 2V9 Canada

Check us out on Instagram

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