Month: April 2015

Green Educator & Green Crew

Are you concerned with the current state of our environment? Do you want to be part of a team that makes a difference? Join our Green team this year! Your main responsibilities would include educating the general public about properly disposing their waste, recyclables, and compostable material at our waste stations that have been provided by the city. You can also volunteer with our green crew, keeping our green space free of litter.

Compostable plates, beer cups & cutlery

This year, we are going Styrofoam free and doing our best to educate our vendors about reducing the amount of waste they produce during our festival. Our vendors will be informed about the benefits and importance of using compostable plates and cutlery. In addition, all of our beer cups (provided by Village Brewery) are compostable.
Volunteer and be a part of our Green Team!

Waste stations – Reduce, reuse, & recycle!

Watch out for our waste stations around the park. All of our stations will provide signage as to where you should be disposing your items. Along with signage, there will be onsite green educators ensuring that everything going into our bins is correct.

Reggae Lunch 'n' Learn… Enticing the Curious

Do you and your group want to learn more about Reggae Music and Culture?
ReggaeFest presents Reggae Lunch’n’Learn, a 30-45 minute presentation sharing the history and evolution of Reggae.
Please contact us at to book one of the following interactive lectures for your group.

Topic Choices:

  • What is Reggae?
  • Evolution of Reggae: From Mento to Dancehall
  • How Do You Get Your Reggae? Reggae’s Influence on Other Music Genres
  • Canadian Reggae, YES! We Do Have Reggae
  • How’s Your Riddim? – The Reggae Beat Explained
  • Do You Know Your Reggae?
  • Rasta and Reggae
  • Reggae and Jamaica – Together or Apart?

Cost: Donation to Calgary Reggae Festival Society

We can’t do it alone. Here’s how you can help.

Reggae Fest provides on-site bike racks as a means of promoting alternative transportation methods and reducing our carbon footprint. We are easily accessible by train (right next to 10th street station at Shaw Millennium Park), and encourage patrons to bike, car-pool or walk if possible.

special events

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support demo

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Ziggi Recado and the Zion I Kings Band (The Netherlands)

Ziggi Recado is one of the most exciting and compelling reggae performers in Europe today. Ziggi toured extensively in Europe, Japan and the U.S.

Growing up on the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius a young Ricardo Blijden moved to The Netherlands to study and his future as a performer took off.

Ziggi has gained national notoriety in The Netherlands and managed to capture several awards such as “Best Album”, “Best Artist” and “Best Live Act.”

Ziggi Recado and the Zion I Kings Band will be making their first trip to Canada and their first appearance on the ReggaeFest stage.

Tinga Stewart (Jamaica)

Tinga Stewart is a veteran reggae performer who has performed all over the world from Japan to the Netherlands, from North and South America to the Caribbean.

With a career spanning nearly five decades and 15 studio albums, Tinga Stewart has sung with the likes of The Wildcats, Byron Lee & the Dragonaires, and The Boris Gardiner Happening.

It is a pleasure to have Tinga Stewart back on the ReggaeFest stage in 2015.

The Steadies (Saskatoon, SK)

The Steadies take the explosively popular Top 40 sound and mix it with rocksteady and reggae influences, creating what they’ve dubbed, “island rock.” No matter your mood, The Steadies pick you up and carry you to the beach in your mind, the club in your dreams, the place you go to clear your head and dance.


The Steadies have played over 500 shows including performances with Grammy award-winners The Roots, The Wailers, Collective Soul, Arrested Development, K-OS, Bedouin Soundclash and more. The band has headlined countless festivals across Canada and have showcased at the Winter Olympics, the Grey Cup, and at numerous industry conferences.